How To Measure Your Interior:

Best to use a pencil, sketch out the existing layout of the room (scale is not important), please remember to be sure and include all locations of doors and windows, built-ins, closets, fireplaces.

With a tape measure, measure each wall from corner to corner and don't forget to measure the sizes of the windows, doors, pass throughs, openings, radiators, built-ins etc.  This is very important to include so as to be as accurate as possible. You will record these measurements on your drawing where these structures are located. 

Measure details: measure from the corner of the room to the outside casing of window frame to the opposite side of the window casing, to the wall and so forth... 

Do this process for all the walls of each room.

Provide ceiling heights 

Locations of all power outlets and if they are in the baseboards or the walls.  When measuring switches, outlets, lighting, measure from the wall to the middle of the item (this is where the electricity runs from).

Height of windows from the floor 

Height of door and door frames

Locations for any and all ceiling lights and wall lighting (sconces)

Detailed measurements of all existing furniture you’d like to keep.

click here for an example


Photographing Your Interior:

Take as many images as you can of the Interior and include all details we mentioned above, windows, doors, closets, built-ins etc.  Detailed shots and long shots are very helpful. 

If possible, make sure the photos have ceiling and flooring in each shot.  (I like to stand in each corner of the room and do “panorama” shots… keeping your head and camera still and rotating your body to get an accurate idea of space). 

Photograph the exterior of the house to reference style.

Include images of all existing items (furniture, art, accessories) you wish to keep for future use in the design scheme.  

      Once you've photographed your space(s), send them to us using Dropbox, sharing an iPhoto album, or send them in an email.  

click to see example of "panorama" shots put together.


Collecting Inspirations:

Please go through magazines or download images from the Internet of rooms you love. Explain what it is about the room you love and what it is that inspires you about the room. Sometimes it will be a feeling you get from the room. 

If you'd like, provide examples of colors and textures you love and that inspire you.

If you'd like, provide fabric swatches, wallpaper samples, surface samples, etc..

Anything from nature to fashion to music to food you find inspiring will help us get to know you better and thus produce a better, more personal design for you. 

Pinterest is a great resource for collecting inspiring pictures.  Click here to set up an account.