Before & After: Scamp

Yeah we bought a Scamp and fixed her up.  




Things we did:

- ripped out everything, because it stunk, I mean really, really, really bad!

- a DEEP AND DARK CLEANING (can we discuss the amazingness of TSP?!?!?)

- seam tape removal and replaced with caulk

- painted everything with 3 coats of exterior paint (except the interior fiberglass fitting, those just needed a good Bon Ami scrubbing, to make them sparkling again)

- replaced the carpet with cork floor (not easy, but looks damn good)

- sewed the new upholstery (this was hands down the HARDEST and LONGEST part of the project)!

- sewed new curtains 

- all the appliances worked (amazing!), but needed to be tweaked/updated.

-new tires, new battery, new propane (you know, that stuff that makes it functional)

- new under cabinet lighting (thank you IKEA for having very tiny things)

- new electric 

It was a TON of work, but worth it.

We love this little animal.