What is ID-book™?

ID-book is a simple and affordable way to design and decorate your space.

ID-book is a stylish, utilitarian guidebook, tailored to your space.

ID-book was created to give YOU the ability to achieve a designer space without retaining a full-service Interior Designer.  With a fixed price, we do the design, you do the legwork. 

Are you someone who would benefit from ID-book?

Are you someone who is interested in working with an Interior Designer, but you don't want to commit to a full-scale project right away?

Are you someone on a smaller budget or looking for a cost-effective way to work with an Interior Designer?

Are you someone who wants the advice and guidance of a professional Interior Designer but prefers to do the follow through themselves?

Where do we work, you ask? Our clients can live anywhere in the United States! We consult via email and the internet and the ID-book is shipped to you, wherever you live.